Mobile and desktop apps for major retailer


The CoreBlue application enabled sales staff to provide customers with a guided, in-store shopping experience.  The sales staff was a diverse, multinational group. So the platform had to be accessible to a wide range of education levels and varying degrees of fluency in English.

The challenge was to create a tool that was easy and intuitive enough to navigate while face to face with a customer.


Write clear and concise copy that accommodates the employee's needs and supports them throughout the customer interaction.

How I helped

  • Writing and editing copy
  • Messaging and concept development
  • Performing a qualitative audit of all copy appearing in the application.
  • Participating in the user testing process by writing user scenarios

Striving for clarity in a complex application

The application was still in early development and being tested in pilot stores. Clear descriptions of missing requirements and new functionality were needed.

Performing a qualitative copy audit

As the application grew, the focus was drawn away from the older corners of the UI. We executed a copy audit to shine a light in these corners.  The goal was to bring consistency throughout and apply any new lessons learned to the old stuff.

User testing

I contributed to the testing and research process by scripting several user scenarios.  I designed the scripts to generate and capture feedback on the new features in development for the UX and development teams.