9/2016 to 8/2017


Avionté Staffing Software

  • Contributed to the development process as an embedded member of a team that followed a Kanban-based development methodology.

  • Gathered information and context from a team of software developers, product owners, QA engineers, and the UX designer, as well as by analyzing UI mockups, business requirements, and acceptance criteria.

  • Created clear, process-based documentation that targeted an audience of end-users, support team members, and internal stakeholders.  

  • Collaborated with support team and other customer-facing teams to create, update, and maintain documentation for current software products.

  • Edited existing and contributed content to ensure the material conformed to established style guidelines, and published documentation in a Zendesk knowledge base using effective keywords, headlines, and labels to improve searchability for users.

6/2015 to 10/2016


Trexin Consulting

  • Improved interviewing techniques, information gathering methods, and relationship building skills to create technical and promotional materials for a consulting organization serving healthcare and technology industries.
  • Created case studies by interviewing project managers and SMEs, reviewing deliverables and other project documentation, then writing brief, concise, and accessible content based on the collected information.
  • Developed email marketing campaigns and landing pages via cross-functional collaboration between marketing team, SMEs, and business leadership, including creating and following a campaign process, writing email and landing page copy, and building email templates and landing pages. 
  • Worked with consultants to develop, write, edit, and publish articles showcasing expertise of the organization’s consultants.
  • Managed and streamlined the creation, editing, and publication of marketing content, including consultant bios, press releases, internal announcements, and event summaries while ensuring that they adhered to internal stylistic guidelines.

1/2015 to 6/2015


Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension

  • Served as a floating writer, creating error messages, technical documentation and training materials for several project teams that used Agile development methodologies.
  • Collaborated with developers and project managers to create vendor specifications materials that define business rules, establish certification requirements, and document the system’s XML schema.
  • Developed site-readiness documents that provided detailed explanations and instructions for law enforcement agencies about to undergo a software migration.

8/2013 to 1/2015


Best Buy Co. Inc.

  • Wrote and designed eLearning courses, job aid documents, and user manuals used to train over 120,000 retail employees on desktop and tablet sales applications and tools.
  • Researched and wrote over 300 technical support articles that 20,000 Geek Squad Agents continue to use to troubleshoot mobile phones and tablets.
  • Collaborated with UX, Dev, and Legal teams to write User Interface copy that complimented application design, met legal requirements, and enhanced usability.
  • Created User Acceptance Testing (UAT) scripts that were easy for participants to use and that provided QA, UX, and Dev teams with test results that helped to improve future iterations of applications.

5/2007 – 8/2013


12/2005 to 7/2009


Javen Ackerman Creative Services

  • Provided a wide range of services: copywriting, scriptwriting, illustration, web development, web design, and graphic design.
  • Worked closely with clients to learn about their businesses, gather information about products and services, and help them define a vision for marketing materials.
  • Successfully managed multiple concurrent projects and always met deadlines.
  • Continually learned new skills and software tools, maintained current technical knowledge, and quickly adapted to clients’ technical requirements.



Clients include RBC Dain Rauscher, Medtronic, Traveler’s Insurance, Macy’s

  • Created technical documentation for inclusion in support knowledgebases.
  • Provided technical support to thousands of users via telephone and face-to-face interaction.
  • Assisted in several company-wide rollouts of new workstations and software.

1/2002 – 10/2004


Pro-Staff Corporate, Minneapolis, MN

  • Developed and updated technical documentation and training materials.
  • Led project to design, create and implement department-wide knowledgebase using HEAT Plus Knowledge software.
  • Managed project to improve training processes for new support team employees.


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Click to download resume as a PDF