Easy Websites from Microsoft, Google
It's no great revelation that the Internet is a good thing for a business. Giving your customers and prospects quick and anonymous access to information about your business is pretty much a must-have. However, the price of entry from a knowledge and skill point of view might appear a little steep and somewhat intimidating.

There are a few options out there for the non-savvy, including an offering from Google and from Microsoft. While the Google option isn't really ready for business use, Microsoft's Live Office looks like it was built with the small biz in mind.

Microsoft's Live Basics is a new resources for businesses to expand into webspace with free websites, free hosting, free email, access to an array of traffic tools, and "free" domain names.

Unfortunately, you can only sign up and access it with recent version of Internet Explorer, so Mac users are left out (which means that I'm left out). But the consensus from the techie arena is that this isn't such a good deal.

There's also some question re: the offer on the comments board about how easy it is to transfer your name away from the vendor that MS uses to register and manage the domain names.

Here's a summary provided by digg poster C2H5OH.
1. + It's a product like Google Page, which allows you to create webpage easily.
2. - It does not allow you to code your page. (Is it because the generated code is too ugly? If Office 12 generates ugly HTML, I guess this one does, too)
3. + It allow you to use your own domain
4. - Transferring domain out in the future is virtually impossible
5. - Insanely expensive: $50/yr for a domain

And for good measure, here's the meaty part of a Google Pages review by Tam Hannas

It’s NO replacement for a common web hosting service, but it is almost PERFECT for users who want to publish their last holiday photos or theirselves. They need no knowledge about web hosting and HTML developing.

Office Live - [Microsoft]
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