Cleaning Teva Sandals

Last year for Father’s Day, my wife gave me a pair of Teva Zilch Sandals, and I think they’re great. It’s like being barefoot without the excruciating pain and embarrassment of walking on rocks or glass or dog shit. Easily the most comfortable pair of sandals (and perhaps shoes) I’ve ever owned.

But all that goodness comes with a price. And that price is stickiness.

They get stinky after a few days of wear, especially in the warm summers we have here in Minnesota. Shocked-looks-from-guys-in-the-locker-room stinky. And that’s a problem that needs solving.

So here are some cleaning instructions that I found here, purportedly to be directly from Teva. They’re inline with other common de-stinkifying methods that you’ll find out there.

Teva Footwear Cleaning Instructions:

We foremost recommend using a mild soap and water and hand wash, please do not machine wash.

Also try scrubbing the top sole with a soft bristled brush while cleaning and gently bending the sandal from heel to toe under water pressure so that any dirt in the grooves of the top sole will wash away.

Another option for killing bacteria is to place the sandals in a sealable freezer back and freeze them overnight.

Other options:

Mix 1 cup of Listerine (or any antibacterial mouth wash) to 2 cups of water. Soak for 15 minutes and scrub with a bristled brush. Let air dry.

Put sandals in a pool with chlorine for 15–20 minutes. Scrub with a hard bristled brush. Rinse. Air dry.

Wash them in the shower with Shampoo.

Please allow your sandals to dry in an open, well ventilated area – but not directly in sunlight.

How often:

We recommend washing your sandals every two to four weeks, depending on use.

I used the soap and bristle brush method and it seems to work pretty well.

I’m curious about freezing them, just for the science experiment angle, but I’m not sure if the wife’ll like seeing my sandals next to our food.

Cleaning Teva Sandals

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