The Mac Pro isn't long for this Mac world

A Mac Pro

From Marco Arment…

Fewer customers will choose Mac Pros as time goes on. Once that level drops below Apple’s threshold for viability or needing to care, the line will be discontinued.

I bet that time will be about two years from now: enough time for Apple to release one more generation with Thunderbolt and the new Sandy Bridge-based Xeon E5 CPUs in early 2012, giving the Mac Pro a full lifecycle to become even more irrelevant before they’re quietly removed from sale.

A few power users will complain, but most won’t care: by that time, most former Mac Pro customers will have already switched away.

This saddens me. I love my Mac pro. I’ve had it since April 2007 and it still feels fast.

I’ve saved money by being able to swap out dead hard and optical drives and upgrade the video card.

I’ve been planning to buy another Mac Pro to replace my current one. I just hope that they’re still around when I need them.

Scaling down the Mac Pro -