A guy tries to rein in expenses for a month...

It's been that kind of a run of luck, the kind that ends up inflating your credit card bill to unexpected proportions. Car repairs. Healthcare costs. Home repairs. It's just been a run of months of big, big bills.

This month, I'd been hoping to get things back on track. We've hit the halfway point on our billing period and we're on pace to bring it in under the desired mark. Just hold steady, and ride out the next 2 weeks with a low financial profile.

But then, one of the circuit breakers burns out. I call in an electrician because things look...odd in our breaker box. Electrician comes out and says that there's corrosion caused by water leaking into the box from outside. Nearly a grand to get that work done. But, hell, I'm not going to live a day longer than I have to with water running into a place where you don't want water running into!

So it goes.

Then, we discover that my cat, Shub-Niggurath, has a tumor between his toes. Take the poor guy in, and then get served up with a $200 initial exam fee, and then are looking at another $800 to $1000 to get it removed!

It's a relatively benign tumor thing, but it's got to come off. So I'm glad it's not anything life threatening, but still. Ouch.

But seriously, universe? In the space of 2 days, my A-OK financial month goes south to the tune of about $2000? I'm trying to be frugal here.