The Friday Cool:'s collected 'The best articles ever' for you to read

You must check out this collection of links to what's touted as the best articles ever written. From

This is a work in progress. It is a on-going list of suggestions collectively made by readers of this post. At this point the list has not been vetted or selected by me. In fact, other than the original five items I suggested, all of the articles mentioned here have been recommended by someone other than me. (Although I used to edit Wired magazine none of the article from Wired were suggested by me or anyone who worked at Wired. I also did not suggest my own pieces.)

I forget who pointed me here, and I only just got around to taking a look at some of the linked magazine articles here, but I think this is a text-book definition of 'goldmine' for wannabe writers looking for samples and examples of top-shelf writing.

These are big, meaty chunks of non-fiction from well known magazines ranging from the '60s to the '10s.

My Instapaper account is going to be filling up pretty quick here.


Cool Tools - The Best Magazine Articles Ever