Nothing. Just crickets.

crickets.jpg John August answers a reader question about how to cope with getting nothing from an audience but crickets.

I’ve been there. I’ve killed myself writing things that were met with indifference. It sucks.

Over the years, my skin has gotten thick enough to handle most criticism, but there’s no way to prepare yourself for crickets. Creating something is like a pitching a ball. You expect someone to catch it. So when they stand there with their arms crossed, letting it roll on the grass, your frustration is justified.

But where do you focus it?

Do you blame yourself? If I’d just worked a little harder, they would have loved it.

Do you blame your friends? If they’d just been more enthusiastic, and forwarded it to their friends, it could have gone viral.

Do you blame the audience? They’re sheep who won’t embrace anything unless someone else tells them it’s cool.

If you’re like me, you probably cycle through all these blame targets repeatedly.

And there are a few good tips in the comments.


The dark tyranny of crickets