The Friday Cool: John Hodgman & Neil Gaiman @ the Fitz

wits.jpgLast Friday, John Hodgman appeared on stage at the Fitzgerald Theater as part of the Wits series.

The wife and I were fortunate enough to land a babysitter and get over to this show. And it was very good.

MPR currently has the entire show streaming over on their site if you'd like to see it.

Hodgman was the featured guest, but there was a guest appearance by Neil Gaiman and the lead singer of OK GO who was present to promote a show he was doing later in the weekend.

Minnesota Public Radio Presents Wits™, a four part series at The Fitzgerald Theater. The series is hosted by American Public Media radio host, McSweeney's contributor, author and humorist John Moe. Moe and his guests will weave (and unravel) conversations around topics as wide-ranging as hard work, chickens, parenting and distraction. Wits' will feature phone calls from special guests, musical guests on stage, and include readings -- poems, passages, quotes -- of works by our favorite clever dead guys, and some living ones, too.

We also got an awesome parking spot right outside the theater, thanks to the meters not being enforced after 6pm.

But I still fretted about getting towed because the meter was one of those special yellow-painted ones.



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