Some writing advice: "Write drunk; edit sober"

One or two nuggets of interest in this little Happiness Project interview with Larry Smith, editor of SMITH Magazine.

“Write drunk, edit sober.” Not that you should actually be drunk (the inebriated writer is a silly, antiquated idea, among other things), but that you should just get the words down whether you’re writing a letter, a report for work, or the story of your life, in six words or 60,000. Put the words down, don’t obsess over them, just effusively spill them down onto the page. Then step away—for an hour, a day, a week, whatever you need. And then edit. Edit like crazy. Be hard on words and yourself and make it better. And when you think you’re finished, edit it one more time.


"Write Drunk, Edit Sober; Drink Coffee While Reading the Paper; Watch the Cat."

SMITH Magazine