Again, no comics

So, no comics this week either. Yeah, I know it was a long weekend, but it was also a long weekend that included the 3rd birthday of my daughter, who had also been sick. Which meant that everyone else more or less got sick, or at least really damn tired.

Complaint Department

Here's where I complain a bit and feel sorry for myself while making excuses about the whole thing:

I have been touching the next two strips every day. I have lettering and pencils done for the first, and nearly done for the second. However, each scene takes place on the patio in front of The Winchcombe and feature some relatively in-depth backgrounds and some crowd shots. When there are lots of backgrounds and lots of people to draw, things take longer.

To make matters worse, I suffered an ill-timed bout of insomnia on Monday night, and it caused my motivation and creativity to disappear, leaving only a desire to simply sit on the couch, yell at kids, and sometimes whack them with a stick or throw a shoe when they came within range.

I chose to take a shower during one naptime, which while earning the appreciation of family, also served to keep me from drawing for a few minutes on Wednesday.

But the biggest detriment to my output this week was that I chose to sleep in a few days this week (still have trouble accepting that 6:30 is considered sleeping in) rather than get in a morning session at the desk.

A peace offering

So to keep you coming back, here's something funny but potentially not safe for work (a captioned photo that DOES feature the "F" word prominently). It made me laugh.

F you, flowers!


The Big Caption