Q-Burger goes bi-monthly

Q-Burger is now going to be published on the first Wednesday of every other month. I'm not pleased about this, but I'm moving Q-Burger to a bi-monthly schedule.

The month of February showed me that while I could produce 14 pages of comics in a month, it was very expensive when combined with illness and other obligations.

I'm very nearly burned out. And only after doing this for 3 months. So something has to change. And the easiest piece to move around seems to be Q-Burger.

And it's not just to protect my fragile little mind from the rigors of dealing with deadlines. It's also to give me a chance to work on improving my craft.

It's not enough to just make comics day in and day out. I need to practice and learn new skills and tools. I need to work on some anatomy. I need to practice drawing folds in fabric. I think there will be value in learning more about Google Sketchp.

As it stands right now, I just don't have the time to do any of those things. And I think my work is already suffering and what little skill I've managed to develop is beginning to atrophy.

So there you have it. Q-Burger is going to move to a bi-monthly schedule and will next appear on April 7th.



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