The Winchcombe and the 30 Characters Challenge!

Again, I invite you all to check out a couple of pretty cool things I've been working on this past month or two.

The Winchcombe

Head over here to check out an 8-page preview of The Winchcombe, my new webcomic that will be debuting on January 5th, and appearing every Tuesday and Thursday.wc.png

The 30 Characters Challenge


November appears to be the month of challenges, what with National Novel Writing Month and National Blog Posting Month. In the spirit of the November challenges, Tyler James, creator of several webcomics, has organized the 30 Characters Challenge.

The challenge is to create 30 new characters, one for each day in November. We've been at it for a couple of weeks now, and there's quite a collection of interesting new characters to thumb through on your lunch break. Head over and check out the great work that some pretty creative and talented people have been putting in.


30 Characters Challenge site

My Challenge Entries

The Winchcombe