Mac mini media center tips
(Hmm, looks to be a Mac heavy start to the week)

I love my Mac mini. It runs quietly and unintrusively under my TV, giving me quick and easy access to all my movies and music, as well as the web, email, and photos.

I have a pretty simple set up, relying heavily on the perfectly adequate Front Row and the Apple remote, but employing the Adecco wireless keyboard and trackpad for more fiddly tasks.

I use Sofa Control to give the remote a bit more power, but it's not perfect. It has some trouble with the really cool Hulu desktop app.

I also bought TouchPad for my iPod touch, which gives you a trackpad, keyboard and a virtual Apple remote all in one pocket sized device, and all for $1.99 (sale price).

Other related items:

Apple updated ( the Mac mini recently.

Hulu is going to start charging (Ars Technica) for content next year.


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