In Nomine Jobs, et Woz, et Spiritus Schiller

Merlin Mann complains about his problems upgrading to Snow Leopard:

Plus, I’m other things too. Including a 1-person IT staff who accepts that he has to stop doing real work for a day and a half in order to make sure that a new point-something OS upgrade is working properly on five (5) computers in two locations.


Don’t wag your finger at people like me for pointing out shit that shipped empirically broken. Let’s not conduct anauto de fe on the heretics who pose sensible, relevant, and acceptably reverent questions about whether parallelization is literally the body of Christ. Even when the screen hangs for 40 seconds for no Godly reason.

Cardinal, sir: your communion has bugs in it. And while that doesn’t mean I won’t eat it, you damn sure better not put all the rosaries on my penance.

As much of an Apple zealot as I am, I still know enough not to install ANYTHING new on my production machines while in the middle of a project, let alone upgrading the operating system on the day of release.

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