Watchmensch- By Rich Johnston

Of course, while you’re having fun with it, you just might notice that it digs a little deeper– As Valerie D’Orazioover at Occasional Superheroine points out:

I always initially cringe a little bit when I see comic book parodies. I think I get flashbacks to buying the Ren and Stimpy parody “Rank and Stinky” for 25 cents in the cast-off bins, and still feeling I was ripped off, used, and left with no phone call the next day.

But Watchmensch, from Brain Scan Studios, is a different animal (possibly a mollusk of some sort) entirely. ForWatchmensch is actually an allegory about the rift between Watchmen creator Alan Moore and DC Comics — and, by extension, a meditation on the issue of creator’s rights.

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