New Q Tuesday -- Episode 48: He's just a head


They’ve found the church. And Paco is understandably anxious.

A quick refresher** for those of you who aren’t initmately familiar with the story so far…

Paco and the Obnox have been trying to find Kautz.

In addition to working for the Q, Kautz works for the big guy upstairs in a demon-hunting and -smiting capacity. At the end of season three, he received an emergency call from what he thought was Dispatch. He teleported to the church that Paco and the Obnox are now parked in front of.

The call had actually come from the Obnox’s former employer (Mr. Salo of American Burger Works, a subsidiary of Haggart/Putrard, Inc) in order to get rid of the Q-Burger’s most powerful crew member. Why? Because the forces of Hell has designs on the Q-Burger.

Why? Well, Mr. Macgillicuddy’s about to shed some light over in the secret, abandoned and forgotten second Q-Burger location.

Anyway, you might try re-reading from here to get your bearings again.

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** I think I’ll start doing these more frequently, mostly for you…but MOSTLY for myself. I never meant for things to get this confusing.