Drawing with pixels


Most of us stare at pixel art all day long in the form of computer and web icons.

As an medium, pixel art is taken for granted, but like most things taken for granted, it is surprisingly difficult to create.

Russell Tate recently posted a tutorial over at iStockphoto.com on the creation of several types of pixel art. It’s a great introduction to the tools and technical aspects of creating art pixel by pixel.

After reading it through, I tried imagining just how I’d go about designing and creating icons for this site, and my mind balked.

How do you make good-looking art using only a few blocks of color? How do you communicate meaning with such limitations?

As is typical, simple things are usually very complicated.

Icon design is an area that, if I had more time, I’d love to experiment with.


Pixel This! How to draw with pixels | iStockphoto.com

Russell Tate