Wrongful Termination


The Terminator TV show got cancelled. It’s not a surprise, but I’m not happy about it. It was one of the handful of shows that I had enjoyed this past season.

But as disappointed as I am about the cancellation, I’ve got nothing on Josh Friedman, who was the show’s executive producer. I know because he wrote a big, long, funny, and sad post about it on his blog.

I had this little scary robot show and for whatever reason couldn’t convince enough people that it was a) scary enough b) robot enough or c) in English. Add that dim sum combo of factors to a red bean paste of non-monetizable early adopters dvring the show like motherfuckers and now I’m unemployed.

I was able to accept the discontinuation of this branch of the franchise because there was a big and exciting feature film due out soon, and I was sure that McG and Christian Bale would continue the Terminator universe, not in a direct sequel, prequel, or shmequel, but at least in spirit.

But I was horribly wrong. T4 is crap.


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