Podcast Recommendation: The Creative Screenwriting Podcast


I’ve been turned on to a new resource for aspiring writers and fans of the medium of film: The Creative Screenwriting Podcast (an offshoot of Creative Screenwriting magazine).

The format of the weekly podcast is similar to that of In the Actor’s Studio. Jeff Goldsmith, editor of the parent magazine, plays host to and plies guest screenwriters with questions about breaking in, the writing process, and the movie biz and then opens the floor to questions from the crowd.

This podcast is terrific. It’s much less pretentious a production than In the Actor’s Studio, and the host is less creepy than James Lipton by a damn sight. The list of writers interviewed is varied and interesting. Goldsmith has interviewed the likes of the Coen brothers, Charlie Kaufman, Aaron Sorkin and others you may or may not have heard of.

I particularly enjoyed the session with David Hayter and Alex WHO, writers of Watchmen, which provided an insider’s account of the graphic novel’s decades-long journey to film.

Thanks to Andy Ihnatko for his recommendation of the podcast.


Creative Screenwriting Podcast

Andy Ihnatko