Podcast Recommendation: Art & Story


Comics creators, Mark Rudolph and Jerzy Drozd, produce a weekly podcast called Art & Story: Talking shop with comic creators.

Rudolph and Drozd are passionate professional creators who also self-publish their own work. Most episodes run between one and two hours in length and cover the week’s topic exhaustively and in-depth.

Past episodes have discussed relevant subject matter such as options for printing/publishing your work, some of the frustrations that come with a life of cartooning, and the creators’ processes and workflows.

This podcast is a valuable source of inspiration and good discussion about creating comics. There is good advice to be found here. And there’s something about listening to people who are insanely passionate about what they’re doing that really motivates me to get passionate and, perhaps more importantly, get to work.

On the downside, because the podcast is done by just the two guys (for the most part; there are episodes with guests), the opinions expressed therein are limited and get a little homogeneous and narrow at times.

To their credit, they seem to be aware of this and disclaim their position most of the time, and it never comes close to the level that the Halfpixel group achieves. And, truthfully, hearing other opinions often helps me more clearly define my own point of view. But, since these Rudolph and Drozd share workspace, collaborate often, and draw inspiration from the same material, a completely unbiased and cosmopolitan perspective you won’t get here.

Art & Story is a very good comic creator podcast, and it’ll have a place reserved on my iPod for some time to come.

Thanks to the tweet from @lp7comics of LP7Comics.com for the tweet about this resource.


Art & Story