Daylight Saving Time Can Affect Your Health

dst.png We’ve recently experienced one of my least favorite times of year: Daylight Savings Time.

I hate Daylight Savings Time. Both the good one and the bad one. It’s a bad idea. I definitely am disrupted for days and (sometimes) weeks after this useless fucking about of my schedule. Now there’s medical proof that it’s a bad idea.

Scientists tracked large groups of people for eight weeks at a time as they made the transitions to daylight time in spring and to standard time in autumn. They found that in spring, people’s peak activity levels were more in tune with their body clock than with the actual clock.

Studies suggest that this disconnect between body time and clock time can result in restlessness, sleep disruption and shorter sleep duration. Other studies have suggested links between time change and increases in heart attacks, suicides and accidents, though scientists say more study is needed.


DST on Wikipedia

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