Writing for a video game (and other mediums)

writing_01-12-2009.jpg I’ve tried my hand at writing the story for a video game and found it to be a very challenging task. This was a few years back. And while I’m still using some of the lessons I learned from my time on the project, I had forgotten just how alien an experience it was, in terms of everything I knew about crafting a story. But recently, I stumbled across an article about the craft of writing a video game story by Jordan Mechner, a widely acclaimed video game creator.

It was fascinating to read his perspective on writing for the medium, compare it to my own experience, and emerge with a clearer understanding of what goes into the creation of a video game’s story and dialogue.

The article serves to further underline how important it is that a writer not only know the audience but also understand the medium in which one is working. A novel has different challenges than a short story; a screenplay is similar but still very different in many ways from a comics script; and a video game story, while sharing elements of all of the above, is radically different.


The Sands of Time: Crafting a Video Game Story

Jordan Mechner

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