The Friday Cool: Miniscule

minuscule.jpgSometimes, when you’ve had a hard week, you just want to watch something simple yet clever and entertaining that doesn’t require a lot of commitment.

From the Wikipedia:

>Minuscule is a growing collection of short animations that follow the day-to-day existence of anthropomorphic insects. The characters are modelled on computer in 3D and are then set against real scenery. Each animation has a short, self contained and often humorous storyline. The audio is a combination of genuine insect and ambient recordings, and sound effects such as car or helicopter engines, synthesized buzzing etc. During the episodes no words are ever spoken and, although it is a real world setting with houses, fences, cars and garbage bins often involved in the storyline, humans themselves appear only peripherally (if at all).

Have a look at an episode for yourselves via the magic of YouTube.

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