The Friday Cool: Writing comics with Jane Espenson

espenson.jpgTV writer Jane Espenson's blog is a great resource for aspiring TV and screenwriters. She offers regular doses of advice on many topics associated with the art of writing for television like how to compose a scene, how to format a script, and what kinds of scripts to write in order to break into the biz.

But in a recent post, she offered a quick breakdown of how she writes comics as well, and I found it interesting. Especially her admission of her frequent run-ins with overstuffing a page with story:

>I try to carve my story up into roughly page-sized pieces. I will find out during the writing process (every darn time) that I've overestimated the content of each page and I'll have to simplify the story. Presumably, a better writer would learn how to anticipate that.

This is a problem that challenges writers of all stripes who are trying their hand at the deceptively difficult comics script. Further evidence is provided in a recent post by Pete, the new writer of Art Geek Zoo, a webcomic published by a couple of relative newcomers to the medium.

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