The Friday Cool: Dear Lulu

dearlulu.jpg Earlier this week, I mentioned hazy plans to publish a collection of my comics and that I’ve done a little research into the matter. As I gathered information, I happened upon an item that might be of interest to those who have their own books that they’d like to publish: Dear Lulu.

“Dear Lulu” is a test book researched and produced by graphic design students and Prof. Frank Philippin at Hochschule Darmstadt, Germany, during an intensive two-day workshop with London-based designer James Goggin (Practise). The book’s intention is to act as a calibration document for testing colour, pattern, format, texture and typography.

I’ve downloaded the free PDF, but I think when I get closer to being serious about publishing a book, I’ll put out the cash to get the physical copy.


Dear Lulu

Dear Lulu review - via Speak Up