Q-Review Special Edition: More shockingly bad customer service from Warners' Stellian

WarnersStellianLogo.jpg I am continuing to do everything in my power as a writer and fellow consumer to influence you not to buy anything from Warner’s Stellian. Ever.

I’m dedicating yet another Q-Burger post to this effort because if I wrote it all down as one review, it would require too much of the average Internet reader’s attention span. Too many of you wouldn’t read it in its entirety. And I’d be doing you, my audience, a disservice if I didn’t do everything in my power to make this article as easy as possible to read and learn from.

But even if you only read these few opening paragraphs, I want you to go away with this simple message: Do not buy any major appliances from Warner Stellian. As of this writing, it has been nearly 2 months that my family has gone without a properly functioning refrigerator. And I do not know for certain when it will be repaired.

Here is Part 1 and Part 2 of this series.

After 5 weeks on order, the parts finally arrive

On October 21st, the parts for my refrigerator were installed, over 5 weeks after they had been ordered. A replacement gasket for the freezer door, a new hose connector, and a controller board. They were installed quickly by the tech.

As the tech was wrapping up and preparing to leave, I asked him how I could tell if the controller board he’d installed was doing the job. “If the refrigerator is running, then it’s working.” In retrospect, this was a ridiculous answer and was of no help, because the refrigerator had been running before the board was replaced. But the tech left having done what he was supposed to do. But there was no testing of the board to make sure that it had actually corrected the problem.

Had he done so, it might have saved me the cost of a refrigerator/freezer thermometer.

Frost, 50 and -15 degress, and leaking water

Over the course of the next week, we slowly realized that the repairs had done no good and that we still had a malfunctioning refrigerator. Frost had reappeared and was actually worse than before the replacement of the board. It’s covering everything right now and looks like the aftermath of a snow storm. We also discovered that water was slowly leaking from the refrigerator cabinet itself now. And, after I purchased a thermometer, we learned that the fridge was cooling to 45 or 50 degrees and the freezer was at -15, slightly different than the 34 and 5 that was dialed into the temperature controls.

5 days later, a second tech arrives and gives me happy news

A tech was dispatched a few days later, and this time he was more thorough. He spent about 45 minutes in my kitchen, on the floor with a mirror on a stick, examining the door seal, examining the leak, examining the frosty, frosty freezer.

The water leak confused and confounded him. So the solution was to replace the entire water dispensing system.

But as to the problem with the frost and high and low tempuratures, it was determined, with help from his own tech support people, that the problem was that they had in fact ordered the wrong controller board.

The wrong…controller board.

They made me wait 5 weeks for the WRONG CONTROLLER BOARD? There was no explanation about how or why this happened. There was only the simple, grim, and incredibly frustrating fact that they would have to order another one.

Ideally, it’ll be the right one this time.

On Friday, we received a call notifying us of the fact that the order for the part has been placed, but there is no ETA for its arrival.

So once again, we again have no idea when we’ll have a working refrigerator.


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