More disappointment from Warners' Stellian customer service

WarnersStellianLogo.jpgBy the time you read this, I’ll have enjoyed a nice quiet weekend to myself. A rare treat. It doesn’t quite salve the wound I’m about to describe to you.

### Fridge update

When we last spoke, the ETA on replacement parts for the fridge was 11/17. On 11/20, I received a call from the parts department. A very nice woman with a sympathetic voice was on the line to inform me that they’ve received some of the parts, but are still waiting on a final piece of equipment. And after speaking with LG, they’ve updated the ETA of that part to today, 11/24.

I asked if, since they had some of the parts, they would stoop to send someone out to put in those parts, already knowing what the answer would be. And I was not disappointed. They will not. “Tough call” the nice woman said, “but no.” It is tough, isn’t it?

Just to make things interesting, the fridge’s symptoms are changing. The freezer is still completely full of frost, but it’s not hyperfreezing things anymore, just superfreezing. Ice cream is still impossible to spoon right out of the freezer, but it takes far less time to become servable.

In addition, the fridge is now running colder for some reason (40 degrees instead of 45 to 50), but earlier this week, ice was discovered building up in the bottom crisper drawers, freezing some spinach I had in there.

And then this morning, much to my surprise, I discovered that the water dispenser has completely stopped working. I could still hear water running somewhere in the machine, but none was coming out of the dispenser. None seemed to be leaking out of the cabinet, but it’s going somewhere. I shut off the water to the fridge just to be safe.

I’m not calling this in until they are out to fix the existing problem, however, because that will only delay their already delayed repair call.

Keep in mind that all of this is very likely related to one problem: a bad controller board that they replaced…with a known bad controller board. They ordered the wrong part, made me wait a month for this wrong part to arrive, installed the wrong part. And then had to order a replacement. Good god, this one had better be the right one.

The truth boils down to this statement:

I have been without a properly functioning fridge for an additional one full month due to the incompetence of Warners’ Stellian and the employees who’ve handled my issue.

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