Dealing with Failure and Big Mistakes

fail.jpgMy past is littered with failures and mistakes (I don’t think I’m unique in this). Some of them are pretty big. And when they come capering out of the darkness when I’m lying in bed, it’s pretty easy to let them lose me some sleep. They can cause the bottom to drop out of my motivation and drive to keep going.

I happened across the following article a while ago when I was feeling low and embarrassed and small about a recent failure, and I found it to be helpful in getting me up and moving again. There’s nothing groundbreaking here, nothing that’s going to blow one’s mind, but it sometimes helps to know that you’re not the only one who gets knocked over and kicked a few times while you’re down.

And while I’m not a failed CEO, not over 40, and not a peri-menapausal woman, I found Julie Wainwright’s story and her list of 5 life-changing mistakes to be encouraging at a relatively dark time.

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[Five Life-Changing Mistakes and How I Moved On -](