A tough one

halloween.jpg This past week was a tough one, coated in mucous and sporting a soundtrack punctuated by temper tantrums and hacking coughs. But despite all of this, there were some bright spots to be found.

Thessaly was in the throes of teething ( still working on the same set of teeth for the last 2-3 months now), and whether it was happy coincidence or a result of a beleaguered immune system, she caught herself a nasty cold. She had barking cough, lots of snot, and a demeanor that alternated between exhausted crankiness to full-on meltdowns. A horror to deal with.

Grandma to the rescue

The only reason I’m still here and able to write these messages to you is because Grandma showed up to help out (and Grandpa was willing to drive her into the city). Because of her, I was able to catch a short nap most days and to share the load. Her timing was perfect, as the cold was just beginning to set in on Sunday, the day of her arrival. Torbin and I were able to escape to the gym every day, and Thessaly got some good one-on-one time with Grandma. So things turned out all right.

And Grandma will get a good couple of weeks off before she’s scheduled to be here again. Hopefully she’ll be able to recover.

The introvert networks

I also managed to get out of the house on Wednesday evening of last week to attend a meet-up of some webcomic creators. I missed the first meeting due to another, unrelated child illness, but this time I had enough reinforcements to hold the fort while I took the train downtown.

It’s a pretty good group, a nice mix of experience and interests. Well worth the effort to leave the house and the train fare. Here are a couple of the sites belonging to the meeting attendees.

Thessaly goes trick-or-treating

On Halloween, my family was invited to celebrate the occasion with some good friends, and we enjoyed some tasty brats…at least, we tried to enjoy them. Chasing a kid around makes it tough to “enjoy” anything really.

But Thessaly got to go out and trick-or-treat for the first time. She didn’t quite have the lines down, but she made up for it with a bashful smile and a cute little “dye-dye”. The neighborhood we worked had a nearly carnival-like atmosphere with a couple of fires, lots of decorations and some music. Dozens of kids and their parents were out in droves to collect their fees, and Thessaly made a pretty decent little haul.

It was lots of fun, and I think it will be even better next year as Thessaly understands it better, and Torbin can get in on the action a little.

A preview of the week’s posts in the light of a tight schedule

My working time over the last week was reduced by the illness that has struck both kids and is menacing my wife. The result is that I’ve got less time to write up posts for the blog.

The comic will be published on Tuesday as normal.

I’m working on a review of Adobe’s new Illustrator CS4 from a comic creator’s perspective, but it’s likely to be delayed a week, as I played with it a little too long yesterday and didn’t get much written. Spoiler: it’s terrific!

I’m also working on an article that focuses on what I’m calling Practical Negativism. It spawned from Erin calling me out because I was complaining too much about the blisters I got from some new running shoes I bought. Thus far, it’s been an interesting journey into the corridors of my mind, but seeing as I’m having to put some odd and nuanced ideas into words for the first time, it’s taking a while to get right. So it may be pushed to next week as well.

And one of my most favorite Friday Cools yet will arrive at the end of the week.