Week 1...survived

survival.jpg For those just tuning in, I have just survived my first three days watching both kids on my own. And survived without major incident.

It was a short week, thankfully, allowing Erin and I to ease back into what’s to be our regular schedules for the foreseeable future: I’m on kids Monday thru Thursday while Erin’s at work.

We’re still trying to find the right arrangement for the weekend. And even with the addition of Friday, it’s still proving to be difficult to find the time for everything. I’d like to have time to work on my stuff. She’d like to have more family time (understandable, since she’s out of the house for most of the week). And we both need enough down time to recover from the week. And then there’s the whole matter of keeping the house clean. So, despite the three-day weekends, we’re ending up with an overly-scheduled period of time that’s supposed to be used for recuperation. So we’re still working this out.

Granted, there are tougher problems out there that we are fortunate enough not to have. So we can’t complain too loudly.

This coming week should be easier on me, as my mom is coming out to visit and help take care of the kids. And we’ve just joined a gym that provides a daily 2 hours of daycare while a parent works out (or hangs out in their coffee shop and writes). And ideally, this will ease some of the pressure that’s being put on the weekend.

Refrigerator update

We still don’t have a properly functioning fridge. The parts should be arriving today, and, if Warner’s Stellian is true to their word, we should have a tech out tomorrow, if not later today.

But you’ll forgive me if I’m not overly optimistic.

Even more recent refrigerator update

We just discovered that the line to the water dispenser is leaking. Since it’s a problem with the seal where the hose meets the connector, I imagine that it’ll be another two weeks to get the part.

Pure white-hot fury.