The Friday Cool: The new MacBooks


Last week, Apple announced their new laptops. If you like Macs, you already know this.

There’s a lot to like about the new designs. What stands out to me is the smaller profile, the much-hyped new manufacturing method (as a guy who replaced laptop parts in a previous life, the fewer fragile little parts, the better), all ports on one side, the easy access to drive and memory, and the speed and graphics hikes.

But there are a number of negatives to this new design that make me not quite anxious to give up my current MacBook Pro:

  • The glass screen: While more durable, I don’t like the glossy display.

  • The reintroduction of a proprietary display connector: Didn’t they learn with the ADC?

  • The chicklet keyboard: The keyboard of my current laptop is the best laptop keyboard I’ve ever used. I’m not optimistic that these new ones will take that title…but I’ve not touched one either.

  • Lack of FireWire on MacBooks: The lack of Target Drive mode is a pretty big deal to some people and it doesn’t make sense to take it away.

Overall, they’re good-looking machines, and I don’t think that when the time comes I’ll balk at buying one, but I’m glad these new ones aren’t so tempting that I’m simply compelled to give Erin my current laptop and slap down the plastic for this new model.


The New MacBook Pro