The Friday Cool: Mother Earth and the McDonald's hamburger

burger1996.jpg They say that we live in a world where nothing’s built to last. I disagree. I present to you:

the 12-year old McDonald’s hamburger!

Karen Hanrahan is a wellness educator, and she uses this 12-year old hamburger as a prop in her work. Click through the link at the bottom of this post to have a look at a side by side comparison of a 1996 burger and a 2008 burger. I think you’ll be surprised.

With our refrigerator on the fritz for the last couple of weeks, we’ve been forced to eat out a little more often than we’d like. Thankfully, we’ve avoided fast food successfully thus far, I’m forced to wonder just how much perma-food we’ve consumed lately.


Best of Mother Earth - The 1996 McDonald’s Hamburger