Remembering the apple orchard girl

appleeater.jpg Tomorrow is a big day. Erin’s maternity leave is coming to an end, and she’ll be heading back to work. Which means that I’ll be taking the reins as the stay-at-home dad. While Erin and I are sorry that the huge luxury of two parents being at home full-time to watch kids, we’re both ready to get started on figuring out just how this is going to work.

In light of this great life-changing event, things are going to be bit light this week around here, as I adjust to the new workload.

The apple orchard

Because I’ll be on my own with a 3-month old and a teething 1-year old, I’m going to be doing my best to think of the sweet little girl from this picture. The little girl who’d just had her first hayride and picked her first apple.

I’m hoping that when I’m being assaulted by a shrieking, snotty-nosed horror, I’ll be able to summon to mind this peaceful and happy image.

Check out a gallery of images taken during this fun weekend trip on Facebook.

Update on the refrigerator

As of this writing, Warners Stellian still has not received the replacement parts for our refrigerator. So we are now living out of a cooler for the second time in about 14 months. Thankfully the freezer is still functional, so we don’t have to worry about running out to buy ice every day. But it’s still a giant pain in the ass.