Q-Review: Noisy

Noisy.jpg There are times when I’m working in a place where the air is filled with distracting and concentration-shattering noise, places like a coffee shop or a home office besieged by small children.

In order to block out that sound, I often turn to music. But there are times when that just doesn’t cut it well enough. Music can be distracting itself, defeating the purpose.

So, I’ve found myself turning more and more often to a simple little app called Noisy.

Noisy doesn’t do anything except pour forth a fizzy gusher of white or pink noise. Like Alka-Seltzer, this magic hiss can reduce the distraction power of just about any background noise to tolerable levels, allowing you to get back to work.

It’s free, simple, and it works.


Noisy @ Google Code

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