The Insomnia: aaannnd...still awake

insomnia.jpg At 4am, the house was blessedly quiet. Thessaly was snuggled in her crib, cute as always. Torbin had already partaken of his late night/early morning yums and was breathing quietly in his bassinet. Having successfully fulfilled her motherly role of tanker truck of wholesome nutrition, Erin was also sleeping peacefully.

This was truly one of those magical moments.

The only thing that marred its absolute perfection was the fact that I was completely wide a-fricking-wake.

The pinnacle of crap timing

This night was destined to become the first time I pulled an all-nighter involuntarily. I’ve stayed up all night before. But only because I made a conscious decision to do so.

It is common knowledge that when in possession of a newborn, it’s a given, an absolute must, that you jump at every single opportunity to get some sleep. When you also own a 1-year-old, this goes double.

Although the 1-year-old goes to sleep well and sleeps a solid 11 or 12 hours though the night (can I get an amen?), she has a pretty firm reboot time of 6:30 or 7:00 am. Obviously, she’s coordinated with her brother to only allow a window of 6 to 8 hours when the house will be child-free.

So, sleep has achieved an unprecedented level of scarcity these days. But what elevated this terrible experience to new heights was the fact that the in-laws were coming to visit the next day. I’m unpleasant enough to be around naturally, but when I haven’t gotten my sleep, (according to my wife) I’m on par with hazardous chemical spill.

Thankfully, I made it through the next day with the only casualties being a few typos in an email, and a dumped-over sippy cup of milk. And it could have been much worse, because I spent a significant amount of time near a running chainsaw.

Cause: Unknown

I’m not sure what had caused this awfulness. A new baby does upset the equilibrium a bit, I guess. But it felt more like I had drunk too much caffeine before bedtime or something. It was bad. And the difficulty falling asleep has been an opponent of mine for at least a couple of weeks before this peak, and it’s been an obstacle for the several nights since.

I’m averaging about 4 or 5 hours a night, and I can tell that it’s affecting my coordination, as I got spanked in the 30 minutes of Halo that I played a few days ago.

I’m probably going to go pick up some melatonin this weekend and see if that makes a difference.