Sequestered and solitary


I lived much of last week sequestered and solitary.

And it was the first time since Torbin was born. Wife and kids took a mid-week break to road trip out to Western Minnesota to visit some grandparents, leaving me behind. To fend for myself. And I did pretty well. After more than a month of being trapped in a house with me, I think Erin did pretty well, too.

I took full advantage of the quiet, logging a couple of long, uninterrupted days of reading, writing, drawing and studying. I also managed to catch up on some sleep, even staying in bed past 9am, which is unheard of in recent years.

The report was that the youngsters traveled well together, requiring a minimum of stops along the 3 or so hour drive over hills, through woods to Grandma’s house. And that they were charming and delightful and well-behaved. Thessaly returned home with a few choice dings, a nice scuff on her knee and a bit of a shiner, to prove that she’s getting bigger and more daring. No ticks, though. Which is always ideal.

That’s good eatin’

I ate well during my isolation, but I was still well-behaved about it. I grilled myself some keilbasa and broccoli on Tuesday, and finished it up the next day for lunch. And then had one of my favorite sidedish turned main course meals from a Rachel Ray cookbook:

  • 1 frozen pkg of spinach

  • 1 can of Great Northern beans

  • A bit of nutmeg

  • Minced garlic

  • Salt and pepper

  • Parmesan cheese (my addition)


Thaw and wring the water out of the pack of spinach.

Rinse the beans.

Heat a skillet to medium high heat.

Sauté the garlic for a bit.

Throw in the beans at least long enough to heat them up.

Put in the spinach, making sure it’s well broken up (I do it in 7 or 8 wads)

Stir it up, adding as much nutmeg, salt and pepper as you want.

Turn off heat and stir in the parmesan cheese.

Then I just dump it all in one big bowl and call it dinner, but it’s a great side to pasta dishes, too. Due to the relatively mooshy texture of the beans, it can serve as a lower carb replacement for garlic mashed potatoes. Cheap, fast and damn tasty.