Q-Review: Scrivener for the script writer

scrivener.jpg If you’re a writer of mid- to large-sized projects and Word just makes you mad, you might need a writing tool that’s been designed to meet your needs. And let me make the search for your new writing tool easy for you:

Scrivener ($39.95).

You need to buy Scrivener. Unless you’re a Windows user. In that case, you need to buy a Mac and then buy Scrivener.

Both Merlin Mann and the NYT Magazine have written up reviews of Scrivener that hit on all the great features of the app like the Corkboard, the easy organization of drafts and research material, and the best implementation of a full screen mode I’ve seen so far.

I love Scrivener. It’s the writing app that I’ve been looking for since putting hands to keyboard in order to produce work.


I use SCRIVENER to write all of my blog posts.

But the reason why I’m a 2 year devotee of Scrivener is its scriptwriting tools. If you were to try to write a script in any kind of standard script format, say for a stageplay, screenplay or comic script, you’d either be doing a lot of tabbing and caps locking in order to mimic the format in Word, or you’d be shelling out at least $139 for a scriptwriting app like Final Draft or Montage (which I’m looking at again for the first time in over a year, and Mariner has really polished it up).

Scrivener comes with several script templates that make it a breeze to write a script. Quick and easy keyboard shortcuts allow you to quickly add dialogue, character names, headers, and the like. Everything that you need to write a script for a fraction of the cost of other dedicated applications.

And there is a recommended Windows option called PageFour which looks pretty decent.

Do you have a favorite application you nestle into in order to produce your written work? Put it in a comment.


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