Neal Stephenson's "The Fork: Science Fiction v. Mundane Culture"


Neal Stephenson’s one of my favorite writers, and one of the few who produces work that will be purchased by me sight unseen.

This past May, Stephenson gave a talk at Gresham College in London called The Fork: Science Fiction versus Mundane Culture. I’ve never heard him speak before. And let me just say that he’s a terrific writer. But the talk is interesting, despite the monotonous delivery.

He hits on a number of science fiction (SF) topics, all of which revolve around where exactly SF fits into our current culture and its entertainment.

If you’re a fan of Stephenson or SF in general, watching this’ll be worth the 40 minutes of your day.


Stephenson’s latest novel, Anathem, will be published on September 9th, 2008. On the Amazon product page, there’s a quick little 3 min. video of Stephenson describing the novel in some detail. And there’s also an exerpt from the first chapter there that’s available for perusal.


The Fork: Science Fiction versus Mundane Culture

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