Traits of baby

torbinbath.jpg I really thought that we had nowhere to go but down where kids were concerned. Far be it from me to proclaim that Thessaly is a perfect kid. I think the child speaks for herself in that regard.

Erin and I were truly spoiled as far as the expected hardships that the care and feeding of a child is concerned. To the point that, whenever the wife or I expressed any kind of “she’s in a difficult mood” sorts of sentiments, we’d be rebuffed by eyerolls or statements like that’s a bad mood? And we’d have to concede the point that we really do have it easy with her.

Thessaly slept through the night within at least the first month of her life. She’s always eaten like a champ. My little omnivore. She was and still is a very independent and self-entertaining kid, playing for extended periods of time with the books, blocks and stuffed animals in her room…even after I’d unlock the door (KIDDING!!!). The only thing that was a chronic struggle with her was napping. She still hates to nap, and once we’re finally able to get her to nap, she’ll wake up at the slightest noise. Very light sleeper in the daytime. But she’s out like a light for usually 11 or 12 hours at night.

She’s a great baby.

I was on record as being dead certain that if we dared fire up the furnace and build another human, our good fortune was going to turn bad on us in the worst ways possible. Because the only notion I could conceive was that of the true parental horror stories.

You know the ones. The ones that leave mothers unwashed, ragged, and addicted to daytime dramas. The ones that render fathers frazzled, pacing, and short-tempered.

And so it was with great trepidation that I welcomed Torbin into my home.

And, while he’s only been here 2 weeks, he’s already showing the same miraculously parent-friendly traits as his sister. Except for one…he NAPS!!!! Can I get an amen???

Yeah, it’s probably too early to drop to my knees in thankfulness, but I’d wager that this kid has already slept more in the last two weeks than Thessaly has in her entire life.

He sleeps in his bucket, which Thessaly rarely did. He sleeps in restaurants (or at least he did the one time we went to Noodles…but that counts!!). He’s still doing 2 feedings a night, but once he gets a little bulk to him (and he’s already gained about 6 oz. since birth, so that’s not far off) I’m sure that he’ll sleep all night with no problem.

And, finally, what’s most miraculous: He sleeps through loud noises. Even loud sustained noises like that of a firetruck or tornado siren or a tornado, or a feat even more impressive, the ululating sound of his sister pitching a fit in the very same room, not 5 feet away!

I don’t know how we did it, but Erin and I have forged a baby that is even easier to take care of than our first one.


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