Thessaly: Champion of Slides

her floppy sunhat and a fresh coating of sunblock, Thessaly held my hand and jounced across the rolling prairie like a Jeep with bad suspension. Our target destination was the city-funded structure of plastic slides and monkeybars that, until now, had loomed in the distance like a technicolor Mount Fuji.

We were spending the Saturday visiting grandparents. And while they are excited and attentive grandparents, I think they’ll now be nothing more than an opening act, a preamble to the jolly, colorful playground from now on.

During our voyage, she covered more ground on foot than ever before. And she loved it. There were a couple of bellyflops due to some surprising topographical dips and yaws, but it was a smooth trip overall.

Hungry for new sensory input, Thessaly wandered through the woodchips that were scattered under and around the assembly to serve as landing pad for rapidly descending heads and hind-ends. After inspecting the climbing wall and giving the monkeybars a good once-over, she took interest in a squat, free-standing slide that seemed tailor-made for an individual of her stature.

Instead of a ladder, this slide had rubber-coated steps (a means of ascension that she’s already mastered). And in a flash, the little girl was towering four feet in the air. It took some cajoling, and eventually a hands-on assist to get her butt in position. But down she went.

At the bottom of the slide, a cautious smile was on her face as she was lifted to the ground. She was convinced to climb the steps again, and again helped into launch position, but by the end of this second slide, she knew what she would be spending the next several minutes of her life doing.

And around the implement of entertainment she went in a wide, unsteady circle of stumbling excitement. Up the stairs. A tottering effort to seat herself did require a bit of a help, but once in place, she leaned forward and started her third journey down. There was a squeal of delight. And surprisingly, once at the bottom, she rolled over onto her belly, and dropped off the edge onto her feet, and was already en route to a fourth trip. And a fifth.

By then it was time for swings. The red plastic swing in her backyard had nothing on this set up. After about 20 minutes of swinging smiles and many photos taken by Grandpa, it was made quite clear to her handlers that Thessaly believed it was dinner time.

And so she was fed.

It was a truly fine day. The weather was great. The steaks and veggies were fantastic. And the 3 hour nap that the youngster took that afternoon was an astounding feat. It almost made up for the hour of screams and screeches that we endured on the way out of town.

Other items of note from this week past

Q-Burger Season 4 Script FINISHED!!!

I wrote the last panel of the season ender on Sunday, and it felt good. 65 episodes. I shifted about 10 episodes to Season 5 because they just didn’t fit in with the flow of the story, but they still need to be in the mix, so it also feels good to know that I’ve got a good headstart on the next season.

And it feels good that I can start up some other writing projects now that I have an opening in my schedule.

Missed targets

Yog-Sothoth missed the catbox and peed on the basement floor, a trick he’s not pulled since I bought a super high-sided plastic storage bin and assigned it to the most unpleasant of duties a plastic box could be assigned to.

I’m at somewhat of a loss to understand how it happened. He must have worked hard to get his ass to hang over the edge.

5 lbs. lost since June 1

As of this second week in July, I’ve been tipping the scales at a consistant 5 lbs. lighter than one month previous.

Erin’s belly continues to grow

And the due date of July 24th bounds ever closer.