Friday Entertainment: Feeling good with You Look Nice Today

You were waiting for this comedy podcast. You just didn’t know it.

The three guys responsible for the show are simply masters of spinning of comedy gold from bullshit. The feel of YLNT is one-third 21st Century business-speak, one-third West Coast cerebral hipsterism, and one-third dick and fart jokes.

You Look Nice Today is an audio-based Journal of Emotional Hygiene, staffed by lonelysandwich, scottsimpson, and hotdogsladies. The three hosts met on, and soon realized that none of them had anything better to do than this. And Twitter. Nota bene: You Look Nice Today is an audio program that has been prepared by and for “adults.” As a Journal of Emotional Hygiene, our program tackles many of the painful issues typically encountered by persons of this awkward age. Consequently, an uncontrollable level of candor and seemingly non-stop tsunami of profanity may be encountered by listeners. Please do not present this material to non-adults.

It’s a great combination, and these 3 guys have taken full advantage of this new medium and made it work in a way that’ll make you happy you’re alive in this wonderous time where free entertainment this good magically appears on your portable listening device every week.

You Look Nice Today