Friday Cool: Generation Kill

The NYT ran an article about ex-cop, Vietnam vet, ex-teacher, now TV writer and producer Ed Burns.

Ed Burns previously worked on The Wire, one of my favorite, favorite pieces of serialized entertainment. A great look at life in Baltimore from the perspectives of the street, the cop shop, city hall, the docks, the school house, and the newspaper. Top notch.

And the show drew heavily from the experiences of Burns, who’s an amazing fellow, as the article explains. But The Wire’s over. So what’s Burns up to now?

Generation Kill

The first episode of Generation Kill will have aired on HBO last Sunday (7/13/08). It’s a 7-part mini-series based on the book by Evan Wright, a Rolling Stone reporter. The book chronicles Wright’s experience as an embedded reporter in the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Check out the trailer:


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