Announcement: The New Hire

The Q-Burger is proud to introduce newest employee, Torbin Westley Ackerman. Due to unforeseen (but entirely welcome) circumstances, he was brought aboard 9 days early. Contracts were signed at 4:20 AM on July 15th. He began work immediately.

Erin was awoken at around 11:30pm with some regular activity. At 1am, I was made aware of what was transpiring.

We worked together to gather necessities for a hospital stay. Fortunately, Erin had the foresight to put the bag together a couple of weekends previous. Which excuses her increasingly frequent breaks to huff, puff and lean against something for a while.

Since it was so early, both in relation to due date and contraction frequency and intensity, there was some discussion of whether or not to alert the grandparents and our emergency Thessaly watcher. But in the end at around 3:00 or so, my insistance that we did not want to get caught by surprise with this new child being born in the house and delivered by squeamish old me won out.

We met the emergency babywatcher on the stoop at about 3:15 or so. A quick drive to St. Louis Park got us to the hospital at 3:30. A slow halting walk through the deserted hospital to the 3rd floor baby ward got us some medical attention @ 3:45. We were in there for about 15 minutes before the midwife made a quick examination.

Upon her friendly but urgent command, she summoned an immediate whirlwind of 5 to 7 quick-moving medical professionals in blue scrubs to roll Erin (still abed) from triage room to delivery room and prep for delivery. I trailed along in their wake, toting Erin’s discarded clothing and shoes.

A short 3 or 4 pushes later, Torbin Westley performed his first act as Vice-President of Squealing, Defecation and Rapid Growth: he was born.

At 7 lbs., 20 inches, 9 days early, and male, he was a surprise in many respects. We were pretty confident that he was a girl, and he once again defied Erin’s family trend of having giant babies.

Erin felt great afterwards, describing the experience of pushing 4 times in 15 minutes as preferable to pushing for 2 hours. It may have been more intense as it was happening, but it was over quickly.

Three of the four grandparents were able to make it the trip to meet him within 24 hours of his arrival, which was nice. Plenty of pictures and vids were taken, and I’ve posted a few on my Facebook page.

Blessedly brief

We had a blessedly short hospital stay. Torbin’s perfectly healthy. Momma recovered very quickly. And thusly, we were able to convince the nurses to release us after just 30 hours.

The young man had no trouble figuring out how to get his first meal. And his few nights home, the guy was a pleasure, only waking to eat twice in order to eat and quickly go back to sleep. Which made Mom and Dad very happy. Sadly, last night was not to fortunate, but we figure it’s just an fluke.

The big sister

Thessaly seems to vacillate between indifference to a mild amusement where her new brother is concerned. She appeared more anxious to get back to expressing her continuing campaign against her parents’ foolish insistance on her taking naps at certain intervals throughout the day. But she’ll be fine. She’s already hugged him a number of times and only gone for his eyes twice. Big sisterhood will suit her well, I think.

Radio silence

But all in all, we’ve enjoyed a nice, quiet first week or so as a family of four. I’ve maintained radio silence out of fatigue and a selfish notion to take the few spare moments I’ve had to relax with a comic book or Final Fantasy Tactics A2 rather than call or email anyone.

Due to my role in the new employee orientation, this week’s posts will be a little shorter (if I can get them done at all).


More photos of Torbin’s birth on Facebook

Photos of Thessaly’s arrival (for another dose of cuteness)