Hotels 2, Baby 1

40.pngA hotel stay proves toxic once again. Not that we can prove anything, but the girl got sick again directly, immediately following a stay in a hotel. Coincidence? I think not.

And the result was a trying week of dealing with a child who’s expecting at least 3 teeth soonishly (and it’s been soonishly for the last three weeks), a child who’s sick with fever and rash, and a seeeeerious case of the crabbypants.

I had a certain number of social phone calls to make and emails to write, and none of them got done. I was just thankful for the sweet release of a child going to sleep and enough strength to stagger to the sofa and turn on the TV for a few minutes before going to bed at 8:30 or 9pm.

But despite the comfy bed and early bedtimes, I was still haunted by the knowledge that in a few short hours, I would be awakened by unearthly shrieks from the crib.

A low-carb diet commenced last week

Due to pressure from the wife (who’s under a moral and doctor-ordered obligation to control her carb and sugar intake), I have embarked on a low carb diet.

I feel great. A marked improvement compared to pre-diet. More energy. I eat less and feel satisfied longer. But the best part is that I’ve got more consistant steady energy throughout the day. No big dips in energy in the afternoons. This is huge. I’m able to actually be productive when the kid takes an afternoon nap.

This isn’t a NO-carb diet. I can eat whatever I want. The restriction is in how MUCH of whatever I want I can eat. The deal is that every 15g of carbs count as 1 point. And for each meal you get a quota of carbs to consume:

  • Breakfast: 2pts
  • Snack: 2pts
  • Lunch: 4pts
  • Snack: 2pts
  • Dinner: 4pts
  • Snack: 2pts

I have it a little more difficult than Erin, because I’m also trying to watch fat intake as well. Sadly, everything on the shelves of the local grocer seems to be laden with either carbs or fat, leaving very little else to eat.

I’ve had to severely curtail my cereal consumption, as both cereal and milk are pretty heavily laden with carbs and sugar. My bread intake has been limited to those tiny “low carb” loaves. I no longer eat tortillas, because they seem to be made of carbs and little else. No more Vitamin Water. Limited Goldfish rations. More cheese eaten (but still carefully monitored, because we all know what happens if you eat too much cheese). Yogurt has been eliminated.

I don’t want to increase the amount of meat that I eat, because that would be bad. Meat is a pleasure that’s accompanied by a large helping of guilt. I don’t like the huge imbalance in energy required to produce meat vs. the energy provided by consumption of meat. I don’t like the health impact, either. But I do like the taste. So, the solution I’ve decided to go with is Morningstar fake meat patties, and I’m completely satisfied with this decision. Try them. You may find yourself as surprised as I was.

A good lunch that seems to take me through the afternoon without the standard energy dip at 3pm (HUGE BENEFIT) is as follows:

  • 2 slices tiny healthy bread (2pts)
  • A slice of cheese
  • 1 Morningstar patty (Asian Veggie, Garden Veggie, Griller, or Chik, the choices are plenty) (0 or 1 pt depending on option)
  • 2 fried eggs (either on the side or 1 on the sandwich and one on the side)
  • A fistful of baby carrots or a large spinach salad
  • 10 or 20 Goldfish crackers (not quite a point… 50 crackers counts as a point)
  • Water or Crystal Light
  • Dessert (depending on point total so far):
  • An 8oz glass of milk (1pt) & 1/4 cup of Peanut M&Ms (1pt)
  • Or
  • A 100 calorie Kemps ice cream treat (1pt)

I usually eat lunch between 11:30 and 12:30 and it leaves me feeling quite full for most of the afternoon. I’ll maybe have to supplement with an apple and a handful of almonds at about 4 or 4:30.

I do have to admit, however, that I celebrated my successful week by gorging on 1/2 a medium deepdish Davanni’s pizza. And I don’t regret it one damn bit.