Friday Tunes: Experimenting with Chemlab


I dig a subgenre of industrial music known as coldwave. Coldwave music has the electronic and synth elements of industrial music, but is more guitar-driven and influenced by punk music. It was, unfortunately, a very short-lived musical movement, beginning and ending in the middle of the 90’s. What’s more, the subject matter of the lyrics tend to be cyberpunkish in nature. Since I like heavier guitars and the electronic dimension in my music and my favorite genre of science fiction is cyberpunk, this genre and I were a perfect match.

I’ve sampled a number of coldwave bands, (16 Volt, Acumen Nation, Analogue Christ, and others) and the one that I keep going back to is Chemlab. There is a quality in the collaborations of Dylan Thomas More and Jared Loche that is missing in other bands of the genre…and in the later incarnations of Chemlab, sans More.

Sure Jared’s reformed the band and has been touring as recently as December of ‘07, and I’ve purchased Oxidizer, and he’d hate me saying it, but it’s not quite the same as it was. But for that all too brief and magical time from 1993 to 1996, I had the perfect blend of my favorite music and favorite literary genre. And I’ll carry my memory of those halcyon days with me forever.

Here's a clip of a song from East Side Militia (1996) called Vera Blue.

There's tons of badly recorded live stuff on YouTube, and there's a lot of free samples from all of their albums on their website.


Audio Samples - Hydrogen Bar

Coldwave on Wikipedia