Friday Tunes: Chancing upon Fluke

As I wrote yesterday, I don’t have much music that I’ve found in the 21st century. And I think that’s mostly because I don’t listen to music in the same (or at the same) volume as I did in my younger days. Most of the music that I consume falls into the most likely insulting category of Work Music.

Work music is music that I can have on in the background while I’m working on something. For me, this category was composed entirely of classical music, and my collection consisted of a pitiful 2 or 3 disks of Handel and Mozart. But with the boom of electronic music, in its many guises, my workday suddenly has a much more varied aural backdrop.

Enter: Fluke

I happened upon this UK based electronica group when I picked up the soundtrack to The Matrix Reloaded. Fluke’s contribution was the driving beat behind the huge underground dance scene / Neo and Trinity makeout scene. I did a few quick searches on this artist and came up with several disks worth of material to enjoy.

They’ve produced a greater range of electronic music than most artists in the genre. They’re more interesting and smoother than other big names like The Chemical Brothers or The Crystal Method. They’re just not as tied to the big beat sound.

As I said, this group’s oeuvre makes for terrific work music, and makes up about 50% of the tracks in that particular iTunes playlist. But they’re also a great listen on their own while on the train or doing other monotonous activities that sometimes require a strong backbeat in order to keep your limbs doing what they’re supposed to be doing.

Unfortunately, it appears that I’ve joined the ranks of Fluke fans too late, as they’ve been inactive since 2003 or so, but they’ve still got a good 6 or 8 albums out there to enjoy.


This is a video collection of fights from Matrix 2 that might refresh your memory of where their track fit into the film. It’s actually a pretty good watch.


And this next one is a good song that some guy thought might be made better by combining it with some choreographed footage from the Homeworld 2 video game.

Kitten Moon


Fluke on Wikipedia

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