Episode 80: A Post Abandoned

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80.png.jpgThis is it! The end of Season 3!!

It was a rocky, inconsistent season fraught with production quality issues, scheduling woes, and failed experimentation. But I’ll have you know that I learned an incredible amount about what it means to make a comic, and I hope to bring that experience to bear on the upcoming Season 4.

Q-Burger Season 4 begins on 7/1/08

I’m still on track to start Season 4 on July 1st. Production of the new episodes is well underway, and I’m already ahead of schedule. My goal is to avoid any lapses in publishing.

I’ll have a new website design in place. I’ll be switching to new publishing software. I’ll have some t-shirts and stuff for sale. So there are big changes coming to the Q.

I’ll still be posting to the blog during the hiatus, so there’s no need to stop showing up.