Friday Tunes: Keeping Secrets with Louis XIV

Illegal Tender.jpgLouis XIV’s album The Best Little Secrets are Kept sounds to me like a descendent from post-punk, which was itself a descendent from glam rock.

Don’t really like glam rock, glam metal, or anything that shiny and androgynous.

Dudes in makeup and spandex with more than 1 can of Aqua Net in the trash next to their vanity are simply aesthetically displeasing to my eye. The closest I ever came to enjoying the genre was Marylin Manson’s heavily processed Mechanical Animals. This a decent record, but it hasn’t gotten much play in my collection since I picked it up about 10 years ago. (geez, I’m old)

But this album evokes enough of that glammy sensibility to give me a sense of it’s redeeming qualities, but cuts the sound with enough of the 90’s and 00’s to ugly up the glitter enough to be palatable. The little glimpse of bare butt on the album cover doesn’t hurt either, eh? Am I right? Fellas?

And, oddly, their new album has a more straight forward flavor that puts me off entirely. None of the character is present, and thusly, I’ll not be picking it up.

This video is for “Finding Out True Love Is Blind”, the one single that I could find out there from their good album.


The Best Little Secrets are Kept - Louis XIV (Wikipedia)