A reasonably fine week has passed

rooster.png2 movies viewed in the actual theater

I found some time to duck out and take in a movie. It’s always a good week when I get to see a movie in the theater. Which makes it 2 movies in 2 weeks. A record. Erin and I went to see The Bank Job when she took some time off two weeks ago, and Tuesday I got to see Iron Man.

I’ll review Iron Man for Thursday, so tune in then. I don’t think I’ll do a review of The Bank Job, but it’s the best movie I’ve seen in awhile. Well-made heist movies are rare, so if you like that genre, see this one.

Thanks, Mom

My mom managed to make another visit in order to take care of Thessaly while I worked. Happy Birthday and Mother’s Day, ma. And thanks for carting her around, pops.


The weather has been good enough for me to take some good afternoon walks to clear the 3pm cobwebs that accumulate throughout the day. Which is good for the mind and the waistline.

Gosh Darn, America

My candidate of choice seems to be getting closer to closing the deal. We flipped back and forth between the Tuesday primary on CNN and watching “The Queen” on DVD. I don’t recommend that one. Boring. Although Helen Mirren is quite good as the queen.

Q-Burger Website Refresh Progress

Thank to mother’s visit, I made some pretty good headway on the relaunch of this particular website. And I’m going to be starting on some preliminary t-shirt designs.

First draft of Season 4 script finished!


I’ll be giving it another polish, and then head into pencilling the first 4 or 5 episodes. This is how I did the last 6 episodes of season 3, and I was pleased with the results.

I don’t know when S4 will debut, but I think I’ll have a pretty good idea before we close out Season 3. I’m hoping to have the final draft of the script of 4 done at the end of next week, and things will be clearer by then.